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 The following are advertising rates on the MB ARCHITECTURE blog, a blog that contains sharing templates and tips about blogs.

Description, Size and Advertise Rates:

Banner (468x60) or (234x60) or (120x90) or (120x60) - Posting

Price: 5 USD - / 30 days
Available slots: 2 slots
Description: Shown in all article posts.

Minimum Installation 1 month (30 days)

Banner (300x250) - In Sidebar

Price: 5 USD, - / 30 days
Available slots: 2 slots
Description: Shown on the homepage and all article posts.

Minimum 1 month (30 days) Installation

Banner (125x125) - On the sidebar

Price: 5 USD, - / slot / 30 days
Available slots: 4 slots
Description: Shown on the Homepage and all articles.

Installation Minimum 1 month (30 days)


1. Ads must not contain racial elements, lies, provocation, and anything that is against the applicable law in Indonesia.

Advertising material is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser, Blog 
MB ARCHITECTURE is not responsible for criticism or claims for ad content.

2. Image formats allowed are only GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG.

How to Order Ad Slots:

For those of you who are interested in placing banner ads or text ads on this blog, please contact me via  contact by sending the following data:

1. A brief description of the ad that you want to install
2. URL of the ad and banner
3. The type of banner slot ordered and the length of the installation
4. The ad will be installed as soon as you complete the administration process and I will send your account number via contact.

This is the information about Advertise on this MB ARCHITECTURE blog .